Text 14 Mar 215 notes IMPORTANT: Closet Confidential Contest Update


Man, do we have exciting news for you, Shadowhunters!! We promised a mysterious prize for you at the beginning of this contest but now we can give you a bit more information to entice you to enter.

Sony/Screen Gems is offering us a special Mortal Instruments: City of Bones movie prize pack to give away to the winner of our Magnus Bane Dress-Up Contest!! The studio is still finalizing the type of goodies to include, but they’re promising that it is going to be AWESOME, and we believe them!

In addition to this amazing prize, we’re going to give the winner a $50 Amazon gift card to spend on the fashion and beauty treats of his/her choice!

If this doesn’t get you amped to win, we don’t know what will (aside from a rune)! Click to enter our contest now for the chance to win these amazing prizes and may the best stylist win!

Closet Confidential: Shadowhunters Edition

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